Building a Bigger and Better Community

The Austin Gay Men’s Chorus and YOU!!!

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Our Need

The Austin Gay Men’s Chorus (AGMC) is starting its journey toward its next 30 years of serving Austin and Central Texas. We really want you to be part of that journey and our growing success.

We continue to grow in both the number of singing and non-singing members that make up and run our organization, and that also includes our extended family of fabulous community volunteers that work along side us during our performances and community events.

We have over 100 singers (and still growing) and we need more non-singers to help us expand our actions to better meet our mission to “…build community.” We can’t say this enough…

You DO NOT have to sing to be part of the AGMC and our Mission.

Volunteers are needed to staff our show after parties!

Goal #1:  Increase our enrolled community volunteers

We need friendly volunteers for our upcoming performances and community engagements. Your volunteer time would be working with key 5th Section members of the AGMC to ensure our performances and community engagements are an exceptional experience.

Sign-up for the Season 31 Volunteer Roster and Email Notifications.

Goal #2:  Increase our non-singing (5th Section) members

We need non-singing members to join our “5th Section” to support our committees and ensure we continue to put on entertaining and socially relevant performances. We have always had a burning desire to do more for Austin and we need more non-singing members to make this happen. With your help, we plan to change that desire into one of action!

These additional community engagement events will bring together our singers, our 5th Section, and our community volunteers to show Austin that we are a diverse and welcoming organization.

Learn more about becoming an active part of the AGMC as a 5th Section member.

Volunteer Benefits

National research has shown that some key benefits of volunteering with the AGMC include:

  • A fun and safe space to learn some new skills or try out your current skills in a vibrant non-profit environment.
  • That feeling you get from supporting an organization that is working toward equality and a stronger Austin community.
  • Support for your employer or school’s volunteer incentive programs through documented volunteer time.
  • Personal tax deductions for volunteering (i.e. mileage/parking or transportation).