Our Board

Board Chair

Paul Halstead has served on the board since 2013 after first joining the chorus as a singing member in the prior season. He joined the board as Vice President and was elected president (now board chair) in 2017. Paul’s commitment to gay choruses is rooted in the place gay choruses played in his own coming out story. Joining a gay chorus was Paul’s public coming out and choosing to join the Austin Gay Men’s Chorus after moving back to the city where he pretended to be a straight man for so many years was a choice of courage.

Professionally, Paul is the Chief Compliance Officer for a specialty finance company in Austin. Any more information than that will make your eyes glaze over. Besides, he’d rather talk about his last scuba or ski trip!


James “Jimmy” Hickey joined the chorus in its 24th season in the fall of 2012. He’s been an active singer and has served on the board as secretary since 2014.

Professionally, he’s been an elementary music teacher since 2007.


As a supportive patron for the several seasons, Amanda Matalon realized she wanted to contribute more to the mission and members of the chorus. Amanda joined the board in 2018 as an at-large member and assumed the office of Treasurer in 2019.

Amanda gained an MBA from Texas State University and currently works for the United States Postal Service. Amanda uses her passion for photography as well as for the performing arts to provide nuance to her views, opinions, suggestions, talents, and contributions to the chorus.

Chorus President

Glen Langford joined the board as Chorus Liaison in the Fall of 2016 and transitioned to Chorus President in May of 2018. As an active Tenor I since 2004 (minus a 5-year business-related hiatus), he rotated in and out of the Section Leader role. Glen founded the small group, Take Note!, in the Fall of 2016, now directed by the Artistic Director.

Glen previously served on the board of the Young Leaders Society, Austin United Way. The chorus mission motivates Glen to grow and nurture the chorus.

Professionally, he has used his Bachelor of Music, Baylor University, as Music Minister at Austin churches. Glen co-owns with his husband the Austin flagship location of Anytime Fitness at 34th & Guadalupe and is a REALTOR®. In fact, if a realty client mentions supporting the chorus, Glen will donate 5% of his commission to the chorus!

At Large

Austin Powell has been an active singer with the chorus since the fall of 2016 and a member of the board since 2017. Growing up, Austin was never far away from something musical, whether it was singing in church to school choirs and boisterous family gatherings (barbershop quartets, holiday caroling and all), and was looking for an outlet for his musical passions when he joined the Austin Gay Men’s Chorus. However, what he found was so much more than that. He found a family.

Professionally, Austin is a Property Title specialist for a local financial services company.

At Large

Carlton Whitehurst II is a native Austinite who struggled to navigate the LBTGQ community in a city where it seemed like there were so many opportunities to engage. After several failed attempts over several years to make it to an audition, Carlton finally gathered the courage to walk through the doors, joining the chorus in its 30th season. Since joining, Carlton has served as a Big Brother and Tenor 1 Section Captain. Carlton not only aligned with the mission but discovered more than a supportive organization. He found a new family that could embrace multiple facets of his life, musically, professionally, and personally. 

Professionally, Carlton serves in a management position at Austin Regional Clinic. He also owns FlawlessLee Baked Shop, a small batch, custom creation confectionery, delivering to Austin and surrounding cities.

At Large

Jason Theilengerdes joined the chorus more than a decade ago and is excited to serve his first year on the board this season. He has a profound love for the chorus and deeply believes in its power to create family for its members and transform the lives of its patrons.

He has spent his somewhat-youngish-middle-aged lifespan earning the beauty marks and battle scars from many roles including husband, son, leader, cancer survivor, volunteer, widower and mentor. Through this lifetime of changes, each role added to his zest for helping others build stronger relationships and productive organizations.

At Large

Troy Gilbert moved to Austin in 2016 with his husband and their twin 11-year-olds, in order to support his husband’s aging parents. He has a background in university administration, nonprofit administration, and fundraising. Troy is an ardent gay chorus supporter and music fan. He enjoys making organizations successful, including leadership development, volunteer management, fundraising, and strategic planning.

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