5th Section

What is the 5th Section?

The 5th Section is made up of non-singing members of our organization who share our mission and have a desire to do more for the diverse community of Austin. Whether you are LGBTQ+ or an ally, any and all are welcome to share their ideas, time, and talents. Share your voice in how the Austin Gay Men’s Chorus (AGMC) will continue to grow and succeed as an inclusive and unifying choral arts organization in Austin and Central Texas.

In our 31st Season we are highlighting 3 of our committees that are always active during a performance. We really need the support of dedicated 5th Section members during the period that any performing arts group calls “tech week.”  These committees are Production, Front Door Operations, and Volunteer.

So, if you enjoy working behind the scenes and want to help our organization put on exceptional performances while building a bigger and better community, there is always a place for you in the AGMC.

Production Committee

Time Commitment: less than 3 hours per month

The Production Committee shall execute the production components of the Board approved artistic plan for all scheduled concerts/events, as well as supporting the production logistics of all AGMC sanctioned public appearances. This includes all business and logistical tasks of concert/event production and venue management. The committee also works collaboratively with the Front Door Operations (FDO) Committee on the best patron flow through the venue.

Front Door Operations (FDO) Committee

Time Commitment: less than 2.5 hours per month

The FDO Committee supports and reinforces the artistic and production excellence of each performance through efficient and friendly patron management. This includes all business and logistical tasks of front-of-the-house and venue management; to include ticketing and admission, seating, security, ADA, merchandise sales, audience data survey, and on-site donation collection. The committee also works collaboratively with the Production Committee on the best patron flow through the venue.

Volunteer Committee

Time Commitment: less than 3.5 hours per month

The Volunteer Committee seeks to actively support the person-power needs of the AGMC; both internally through 5th Section membership, and externally through Community Volunteers. The committee shall establish best practices means of recruiting human capital and assist in placing individuals in positions of trust and responsibility appropriate to their abilities and the organization’s needs. Therefore, the committee shall work with all committee chairs to both discover needs and retention strategies of all 5th Section members, including the nurturing of Community Volunteers.

Other AGMC Committees

Membership opportunities are also available in the following committees: Artistic, Marketing, Membership Services, Funds Development, Finance, Personnel, Nominating, and Bylaws.

Requirements for Joining the 5th Section

  1. Must share our Mission and Values.
  2. Application and possible interview regarding your “wish-list” of involvement.
  3. A $25 seasonal membership payment (after you become a member of the 5th Section).
  4. On-going active participation within your committee or on the board of directors.
  5. A positive and fun attitude…. we like to think this is the first and most important requirement!

Join the 5th Section

Complete this application:  5th Section Committee Application

Then email or mail it to:

Austin Gay Men’s Chorus
2418 Spring Lane #50082
Austin, TX 78703

For more information, contact us at volunteer@austingaymenschorus.org.

Join the Board of Directors

If you’d rather apply for the board of directors, complete the following application and email or mail it to the address listed above.

Board of Directors Application