Singer Spotlight — Karl Logue

Name: Karl Logue
Position in the chorus: Associate Director / Principal Accompanist / Composer-in-ResidenceHow long have you been with the chorus:  All 32 years. Fun fact: if you look at our articles of incorporation, you’ll see I’m the one who signed them!
What brought you to the chorus: Well, I was part of the group that created it. In the summer of 1989, as the AIDS crisis was unfolding, the AIDS quilt came to Austin and was displayed at the Capital. The Turtle Creek Chorale from Dallas came down to sing. I went to hear that. I was completely blown away by what I heard. Several other friends of mine were there, specifically David Weigle and Don Kennedy.  I knew Don from Metropolitan Community Church, and David was my theory instructor at the University of Texas. David was familiar with my piano skills.  It was yet another AIDS death of a mutual friend that brought us all back together a few weeks later, and he asked if I would accompany a possible new men’s chorus. I eagerly said “YES!  I want to sing when we find a permanent accompanist.” I sat on the Board of Directors as Vice President. As I did not get paid for the first 5 years of the chorus existence, it made sense for me to contribute that way as well since there were no conflicts of interest at the time. 
What’s your favorite song for the chorus to sing: In 32 years, we have probably sung between 800 and 1000 different songs and arrangements. The work that still tugs at my heart the strongest is “NakedMan.”  It’s about 45-minutes long, and although some of the songs in that work may seem a bit dated now, so much of it still rings true.
Any nicknames:  None that anyone knows. My family calls me “Charlie Brown,” though.  Even to this day, my sisters refer to me as “Charlie.” But, they are the only ones who do.
What’s your favorite aspect of living in Austin:  Music!  There’s still a lot to do around Austin, even if you’re a longtime resident. I’ve been here 40 years, and I still find interesting things to do.
Do you have a pre-performance ritual: Not anymore. I used to just practice deep breathing to get my nerves under control.  But after performing for this many years, stage nerves are no longer much of a concern for me.
What do you do besides the chorus:  I have taught Communications classes to undergraduates at St. Edwards, I teach private piano lessons, and conduct two other choirs. 
What do you wish people knew about you: I’m pretty gregarious, but I’m also an introvert. So, get me in an environment with LOTS of people, and I will seem quiet, when what I’m really doing is just enjoying all the people watching!
What do you hope the chorus provides for its audience and its members: We have an opportunity to impact our audiences in ways that the typical run-of-the-mill arts organization can’t. We are purpose driven beyond “performing great music.” You don’t see the Symphony, or Austin Choral Union, or most other musical nonprofits existing for any other purpose than to keep the concert experience alive in the world. Come to an AGMC performance, and expect to hear great music, but also be drawn into a powerful message.