The season may have changed, but our mission hasn’t

What a long, strange 2020 it’s been – and it’s not over yet.

This year was supposed to be filled with the debut of a new show, a trip to Minneapolis to take part in GALA and celebrating the chorus’s 31st year in Austin.

Instead we’re social distancing, adjusting to life on Zoom and learning new skills.

Like everyone else, we’re hoping life gets back to normal soon – but we don’t know what normal is going to look like.

What we do know is that even if we can’t sing for you in person, we will still raise our voices in song to change minds, transform lives, and build community.

And we hope you’ll join us in fulfilling that mission.

We’ve had to find new ways to honor our mission and that has started with chorus videos. Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated volunteers, we’ve been able to produce videos that bring our voices together in new ways and we hope you’ll enjoy watching them – you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

We’re also committed to the long-term future of the chorus. Our members continue to rehearse and we’re dreaming of the day we can get back in front of an audience. But we also need you to believe in us – and yes, that means we’re going to ask for your financial support. Much of our fund-raising happens at our performances, not only from ticket sales, but also from supporters inspired to donate. If you’re inspired by our mission – and hopeful for the future – we’d be grateful for your support. Click here to donate online.

We don’t know when it will be safe to get back in front of an audience. But until it is, we’re working hard to make sure we can continue our mission for the next 30 years.

And when it is safe to perform again, the Austin Gay Men’s Chorus is going to have an UNFORGETTABLE coming out party. We hope you’ll be there.